‘How to Become a Rainmaker’ with Author and Special Guest – Jeffrey J. Fox

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Tony Parinello interviewed Jeffrey J. Fox, author of  How to Become a Rainmaker and Secrets of Great Rainmakers on the Club VITO Show on February 27, 2013. These two gentleman have given us a great gift with this interview.  The master minds do a wonderful job of exchanging stories, describing traits of a Rainmaker, and they give us great motivation to move forward and BEcome a RAINMAKER.

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How to Become a Rainmaker is a  Wall Street Journal and Business Week best seller is the Fox handbook on making more sales. Filled with pointed tips on sales efficiency, effectiveness, and style, Rainmaker is the most readable book on selling on the market today. It is sure to make your best salesperson better, and will move new hires swiftly up the learning curve of professional selling.

Secrets of Great Rainmakers is based on more than 50 interviews with industry leaders from a wide variety of fields, Jeffrey Fox reveals the proven techniques and hard-won wisdom that have helped great rainmakers get ahead, along with his trademark brand of counter-intuitive insight and commentary that have made his books so popular.

To order in bulk – 1-800-CEO-Read

Jeffrey J. Fox: Official Website



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the host of Club VITO and creator of Selling to VITO

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Sales Training

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