How to Reach the CEO | Special Attention to VITO’s Personal Assistant

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How to Reach the CEO

How to reach the CEO

How to Reach the CEO

Notes to VITO’s Personal Assistant

How to reach the CEO? Building rapport with VITO’s Private Assistant, Tommie, is absolutely critical if you expect to gain access to VITO. We’ll be doing this each step along the way to our first telephone and/or in-person meeting with VITO. By including this personal note with your first piece of VITO Correspondence, you’ll be quietly and sincerely saluting Tommie’s uniform. Which by the way, is an excellent idea! As in my previous article, I want to help you write to sell.

I like to use a yellow sticky note for this special message, which goes on the back of the VITO letter not the front!


If your handwriting looks like you should have be a doctor and not a salesperson, you may want to have someone else write it for you!

“[Tommie], your guidance and insights into your enterprise are priceless. As you know, it’s so difficult to find a compassionate ear in our busy day and hectic schedules. I look forward to our conversation and finding out what you think about the enclosed correspondence. If you would like to change the time I’ve suggested, just give me a call.”


“[Tommie], please take a look at this correspondence and let me know what your thoughts are about the proven ideas we have for the [hospitality] industry. If I’ve selected an inconvenient time for our first conversation, please let me know.”


“[Tommie], we can actually deliver much, much more than is mentioned in this correspondence! So if it’s okay with you, a quick conversation will help me get on the right track and stay there. If the time that I’ve selected isn’t convenient, please let me know.”


I can’t write the personal note to Tommie for you, but I sure can create your VITO Correspondence and teach you how to reach the CEO!






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In next week’s blog we’ll begin the process of picking-up that 3,000-pound telephone to call VITO!

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