Sales Forecast Strategies? Sell to VITO in 2012!!

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Sales Forecast Strategies

Sales Forecast Strategies | New Business Prospecting Training

Sales Forecast Strategies

Here’s Why you Need Effective Sales Forecast Strategies

Salespeople sometimes tell me they don’t think they’re “ready” to Sell to VITO or, they don’t think it’s the right time to Sell to VITO. Fortunately, I’ve developed an effective, quick, and painless method for determining whether YOU really have what it takes to sell to VITO. Sales forecast strategies provide a method sell to VITO.  You’re about to take advantage of that method. Pay very close attention to what follows make sure you internalize what you’re about to read.

VITO in a Nutshell

For starters, VITOs have big egos! A healthy ego is a defining trait of high achievers, and it’s certainly a defining trait among VITOs. What else? 

  • VITOs love to be in control. Power and authority are important to them.
  • VITOs are brief, direct, and to the point.
  • VITOs are self-assured, self-determined, driven to success, and goal and results oriented.
  • VITOs are highly accountable; they are used to accepting responsibility.
  • VITOs are passionate and highly competitive; they love to win and hate to lose.
  • VITOs are seekers of information that will give them an edge.
  • VITOs are constantly on the lookout for ideas that will help them over-accomplish their goals, plans, and objectives.
  • VITOs live in a time-compressed world. They have learned, from personal experience, the importance of investing their precious time with people they feel will help them quickly prosper.
  • VITOs are well read, well informed, and highly knowledgeable about the industry in which they’re operating.
  • VITOs have an “early adopter” mentality; they spend time looking for good ideas that no one else has yet embraced.
  • VITOs are risk takers and straight shooters. They like being asked direct questions and they like individuals who will give them direct answers to the questions they ask. 

Now, Read The Above Again Out Loud…

Take a moment and reread the material above and as you do pay special attention to the words and phrases that are in italics. Do this before you continue with this newsletter. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here for you!

Welcome Back. Before we dive into sales forecast strategies and other techniques,  I’ve Got a Couple of Questions for You:

How many of the VITO traits, characteristics, and attitudes do you have?

If your answer was two or fewer, STOP HERE! Send this blog post to someone else. Not only should you not be selling to VITO, you probably should not be in sales.

If your answer was three or more, READ ON! There’s no real surprise here. According to current research (and my own personal experience), 85 percent of all VITOs were once salespeople! That’s right, they made cold-calls, faced rejection, probed for needs, got put off, lost deals, and maybe even got put on probation. They went for the close. They made the sale. They lost the sale. They did it all, just like you and me! The remaining 15 percent or so who didn’t come up through sales, certainly know the importance of sales. The old adage “Nothing happens until something is sold” certainly applies in VITO’s world—just as it does in yours.

You may not have the title of a VITO

But you are very much like VITO. Think about this,  if we were to catalogue the traits, characteristics, and attitudes of the people you are currently trying to sell to, how many traits do you think you would have in common with those individuals? My guess is few or none. What does this tell you? Here’s what it tells me:

  1. You’re spending time trying to sell to individuals with whom you have little or nothing in common.
  2. You’re spending time trying to sell to individuals who are less informed, less empowered, and less likely to make any decision at all. Where VITO embraces intelligent risk and makes clear decisions when confronted with risk, many others in VITO, Inc. want nothing whatsoever to do with risky situations, and consider virtually all decisions to be risky!
  3. While you’re spending time with people other than VITO, you have to assume that your competition may well be reaching out to VITO and that’s not a good thing for you or your organization. 

Let’s face it

Whoever gets to VITO first, wins because VITO can say yes and make it stick, and say no and make it stick. That’s what having the ultimate veto power is all about.  And what better way for you to be working on your sales forecast strategies than to be selling to VITO?


Sales Forecast Strategies -VITOs Need What You Have

For a moment, picture VITO driving to work early in the morning in a high-powered luxury sedan or their sports car of choice. What do you suppose VITO is thinking about during that drive? What would you guess is on VITO’s mind?

It’s my privilege to know the answer to that question. I’ve recorded the key points from several decades of interviews with hundreds of VITOs in a series of personal journals. The more VITOs I sold to, the more journal entries I made about the goals, plans, and objectives that drove them. I’ve analyzed the journal entries closely and in next week’s final newsletter of 2011 I’ll share them with you! 

An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse…

I can and will give you all of the tools you need to develop effective  sales forecast strategies. All you need to do is click right here and Join Club VITO. CLUB VITO is the ultimate in New Business Prospecting Training.


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