Social Networks | Special Guest: Stephen Woessner, author of ‘Viral Social Networking’

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Social Networks

Stephen Woessner on Social Networks and Networking

Social Networks

Social Networks -Stephen Woessner

Social Networks : They’re not just for kids anymore! You are invited to listen to my interview with Stephen Woessner during our Club VITO Show. Listen as Stephen outlines the first five steps from his book, ‘Viral Social Networking.’  Try these first five steps and see how social networks can increase your sales. And it doesn’t have to take all day! As you’ll learn, social networks can leverage your relationships with only minutes of time invested per day. All of what Stephen describes can be done without hiring an IT consultant. Today’s social networks are designed for average people to interact with minimal computer skills.

Club VITO is an online sales training program that teaches sales professionals how to sell to presidents, owners and ‘C’ Suite executives.

My name is Tony Parinello, author and creator of Selling to VITO. VITO stands for Very Important Top Officer — the person with the ultimate veto power.  Every month we have a guest on our show. Our very special guest was Stephen Woessner, author of  Viral Social Networking, How to Build Your Website Traffic and Online Sales Using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   Spectacular!  Stephen guides us to a better understanding of how social networks can work for us in this ever changing selling world. Face it, VITO is using social networks.  Shouldn’t you?  Learn about the Top 5 Best social networks practices!  This is such an incredible direction oriented interview!   Oh and you might want to get ready and take some notes!


Club VITO Broadcast-  Recorded from LIVE Session

Two Part Audio Series. Approximate time  of each segment is 30 minutes.  

Segment One

Segment Two


viral social networking
Get social and get sold! This book is your complete guide to increasing your online conversion rate by as much as 780 percent and your website traffic by 20 percent or more by gaining access to millions of potential customers through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Learn the easy steps to creating conversations within these social networks, building strong relationships with your customers, and ultimately, increasing sales.
This book will provide you with a list of topics to get you started and show you how to persuade this rapidly growing and influential audience by creating and sharing the right content. You will also learn how to measure your results using Google Analytics and manage your social networking efforts in just ten minutes a day. Each chapter concludes with a step-by-step checklist that will make following the process straightforward and non-technical. This book also includes several real-world success stories and a frequently asked questions section, so you can learn from the experiences of other business owners and managers with social networks.

Meet Tony Parinello, the host of Club VITO and creator of Selling to VITO

Social Networks

Social Networks


Tony Parinello created his own brand of sales training called Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer in 1995. Today, Tony Parinello is trusted by the majority of Fortune 1,000 and over 2.5 million sales people in more than 30 countries to help them create bigger deals in less time. Tony is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and creator of Selling Across America; the first and only radio and Internet talk show dedicated to salespeople and the art of selling. Tony Parinello is the marketing and sales expert on, a website that is visited by more than 6 million unique visitors each and every month. Tony has written nine powerful, practical, and tactical books on the topic of selling: Getting to VITOStop Cold Calling ForeverGetting the Second AppointmentThink and Sell Like a CEOThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dynamic Selling, And Tony’s massively popular Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer which has sold over 1 million copies!

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