Part Three – Power Training Session

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VITO Correspondence……Learn more about!

What’s better than hearing about this topic first hand from the master himself, Tony Parinello?   Many joined during this live session to hear just what this ‘VITO Letter’ is all about.  Click on the letter to hear the 10 minute quick session!

Writing a Letter
Click To Hear The 10 Minute Session

During the second week of July we conducted Part One.  Click Here

During the last week in July we conducted Part Two.  Click Here

You’ll  learn:

How to win the hearts and minds of Gatekeepers and NEVER be rejected again!

How to craft and deliver an Elevator Pitch that will get a “Tell Me More!” response and land appointments with difficult to reach ‘C’ Titled Executives

How to quickly and fully qualify every potential prospect in your sales territory

How to ask three ‘game changing’ questions of every ‘C’ suite executives including the CEO!

How to get referrals that are worth their weight in SOLID GOLD

How to leave powerful voice mail messages that get a return call
much, much more!

Club VITO Members need not attend.  You get all the good stuff in the Club 😉

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