Send a VITO Letter!

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Your VITO Letter …

Winning Business Correspondence!

A VITO Letter includes benefit bullets with stand-alone facts will grab VITO’s attention and explain the value proposition of what you have to offer.

Whenever you create a business correspondence for a Very Important Top Officer (VITO), you must follow the rules of engagement that they are agreeable to. You must create a business correspondence that earns their readership. And follow their preferred business letter format. I call it the VITO Letter!

In the middle of your VITO Letter – business correspondence, you’ll be putting your benefit bullets. These are a series of brief statements of results that you either have a proven track record of delivering or that you have a high level of suspicion you can deliver to this VITO. This is your value proposition to VITO!

The benefit bullets within your VITO Letter should be no longer than three or four sentences each. Remember you must use words and phrases that the reader will be totally familiar with — which means, no product names or information. No industry jargon or ‘technobabble’ or buzz words. One unfamiliar word and VITO will stop reading!

The benefit bullets in your VITO Letter must be rich in either hard-dollar value or soft-dollar value. Hard-dollar value is articulated using either numbers or percentages and soft-dollar value is articulated using descriptive words and or phrases. Again, value proposition.

You can replace your benefit bullets with a color graph or pie chart showing results before and after your solution.

Your benefit bullets in your VITO Letter must stand on their own and not be connected with any other part of this business correspondence. Each benefit bullet will contain a single thought within this business letter format. This means that wherever the reader’s eyes go, they will get a complete thought that will invite a “tell me more” response from the reader.

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