Full Client Success List

Organizational Results

“With Tony’s help we skyrocketed from 62% to 110% of YTD quota in less than 90 days…we have $1,000,000 of new business in the pipeline and a $240,000 deal pending. So far our ROI is over 6,000%!”


Increased new business by 14%, gained 44% in “Win Backs” and customer satisfaction ratings were boosted 25%.


Thirty-one salespeople generated $18 million in new business and their sales cycle time was reduced by 50% within 7 months.


Sales cycle was compressed by 87%


FedEx Office
Realized greater add-on business from existing customers by 120%


Within six months we increased our quarterly revenue from $8 to $14 million, cut our cost of sales by 50% and nearly doubled the value of our stock.


850 salespeople created over $16 million of new business in just one day.


Data General Corporation
We included Tony’s training in our Data General University program. The improved productivity was remarkable: a 45% increase in additions to the pipeline and a 54% increase in deal size.


Made 120 VITO calls in one day…the results? 46% of the time we talked to VITO and that resulted in 41 appointments booked!


Individual Results

“I have attended seminars by Hopkins, Tracy and others. Tony’s information is real world selling to the ultimate decision makers. In just 6 weeks I’ve set a new performance record – 185% of quota! Thanks Tony.” — David Kennedy


“We included Tony’s training in our Data General University program. The improved productivity was remarkable: a 45% increase in additions to the pipeline and a 54% increase in deal size.” — Ronald L. Skates


“Within 6 months we increased our quarterly revenue by $6 million, nearly doubled the value of our stock, and cut our cost of sales by 50%.” — Neil Rappaport


“The first telementoring session we had with Tony sparked an idea that propelled one of my sales reps to win a $200,000 account that had been stalled for over three months!” — Mike Adami


“I sent seven VITO letters and got six appointments.” — Pat Sharpe


“I used the ‘Fax Recovery’ technique, and the President called me back in 5 minutes!” — Patrick Wilson


“After twenty years of selling, I realize not having this training has probably cost me four million dollars income!” — Frank Hayes


“The Selling to VITO training was extremely well received by our team; in fact, this is some of the most effective sales training I have seen.” — Rick Fitzgerald


“From standing-room-only to a standing ovation, it was clear that Tony had met his customer’s needs!” — Jane Helsing


“Sales organizations should be taking advantage of this powerful message and process in today’s time of every increasing competition.” — John Cameron


“Tony’s zest and energy, not to mention his wealth of knowledge and humor, make this the best seminar of any kind that I’ve ever attended!” — Hector Ricci


“I have been selling, coaching, and managing salespeople for the past 15 years. This is the best course I have been through. It’s street level training at its best.” — Rick Waltz


“VITO Selling has energized our AEs. Now they know why it’s critical to be positioned with VITO and to sell value. This is our paramount focus going forward.” — Pat Eggers


“I did send a VITO letter to a CEO prior to attending this seminar, by following the example in the book. I got a voice mail back from the CEO even before I had scheduled to place my phone call.” — Becky Aldag


“As a former CEO for 15 plus years I can say Tony hit the nail on the head.” — Jeff Petrizzi


“Excellent! A whole new way of thinking.” — Tom Lewis


“Very concise strategies for interacting with the #1 decision maker.” — John McCulley


“I don’t want my competition to get this!” — Greg Scandone


“This is the best and most interesting training seminar I have attended in my 12 years
in professional sales!” — Anne Trinkle


“This is a seminar that even veteran sales people can take advantage of and clear some cobwebs out of their minds.” — Vince Laman


“The response: ‘Do you want to know what your loyalty to your current vendor is costing you’ is worth the price of admission.” — Jim Murrow


“Breaks the rules of established sales engagement.” — Michael Huiras


“Tony’s experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and anecdotes combine to create an enjoyable and productive seminar. He gives you the tools and the desire to elevate your level of contact.” — Dan Harima


“This is a seminar/training program you must participate in. If you were hesitant to contact VITO you won’t be now, whether by phone, fax, voice mail or in person.” — Neal Nash


“Thought provoking and increased awareness of how to get to see VITO and why it is a necessity.” — Dennis Zimmerman


“If each of my sales team applies one new principal activity, their results should increase by 33% minimum!” — Cheryl Westover


“Tony provides you with a multitude of ideas and tools that run the gamete in sales skills. Take away what you need and hone it to fit your style.” — Brenda Cotter


“Not only educational, but motivational!” — Craig Monnin


“If you follow step-by-step it works.” — Brian Rice


“The tactics in this program are perfect for our marketplace. Now I know how to call on an Executive! Tony’s ideas will have a significant impact on my sales career.” — Michael Thomas


“This program has changed my thinking. I must start at the top and work down. Not only have I gained the insight I need, but more importantly, I have been shown how to get up higher.” — John Keavy


“Tony makes crystal clear the key differences between the “real” Approver of the sale and all others.” — Mary West


“It’s clear to me I must start my sales cycle with the person it’s going to end with, VITO. Finally, after 11 years in sales, I have found an approach that can make the difference.” — John J. Stueck


“Tony is energetic, inspirational and real! Being a VITO addressing what VITO wants and needs from a business partner is powerful.” — Pat Sharpe


“I have 13 years experience in sales and have reached the top in every organization I’ve ever worked for. VITO Selling brought out to me that we need to expand our thinking and the tools we use in prospecting for new business.” — Eddie Walker


“The VITO Correspondence is one of the most powerful tools I have seen!” — Tom Blackwell


“This knowledge makes selling simpler. Thank you for sharing!” — Martha Woodfin


“Tony’s presentation was unique and thought provoking. It challenged our company to fly like eagles and shoot for the top.” — J. Newton


“I read the book, used the ‘Fax Recovery’ technique, and the President called me back in 5 minutes!” — Patrick Wilson


“Clearly the best ticket in town for someone who wants to understand value selling at high levels.” — Jim McInerny


“If I apply 10% of what I learned today, I’ll raise my success level tremendously!” — Craig Twiss


“I wish I had taken this course years ago!” — Jeff Banham


“I feel more confident in handling objections and gatekeepers.” — Debra Heersensperger


“This course has renewed my commitment to sell to top executives.” — Tom Musley


“Very compelling and real-life information that we can use in our daily roles.” — Taka Yamada


“VITO Selling takes a broad, hazy task and streamlines it into a very reachable
goal.” — Kevin Manwiller


“In 20 years of sales training, I’ve never attended a session that gave out immediate ways to advance my sales ability.” — Kevin Reilly


“One of the best sales training seminars I have attended. Thank you!” — Mickey Badshah


“It’s a must for anyone in corporate selling who wants to increase his income and shorten his sale times…don’t we all want that?” — Ed Larkin


“VITO Selling really builds confidence and gives you the push to take those creative risks that make the difference between being an average salesperson and being exceptional!” — Jennifer Santiago


“This seminar has been a stupendous event in my sales career. My thought process on approaching prospective accounts has taken a complete 180 degree turn for the better.” — Jerry Macdonell


“Having been through extensive sales training in the securities industry, I can confidently say that Tony’s sales ideas are innovative and sure to increase sales performance.” — Wayne Feltman


“A very energizing approach to Top Officer selling.” — Daniel Witmore


“I felt the seminar created confidence in a ‘how-to’ and ‘can-do’ kind of way.” — John Stenacker


“Don’t miss this opportunity. Whether you are a rookie or senior sales executive, VITO Selling works!” — Dawn Greer


“Best training I’ve attended in my 15 year career in selling to top officers in commercial accounts. Thanks for the opportunity!” — Connie Nickerson


“Tony has real life experience that we all can use today.” — John Grupe


“Best sales seminar I have ever attended!” — Mark Folit


“The most practical and realistic approach to calling, qualifying and building relationships with senior executives.” – David T. O’Brien


“The course provided me with innovative ideas on how to reach top executives in my accounts.” — Domenich Lionetti


“VITO Selling This is great! Every sales person and sales manager should take this course.” — Rudy Watkins


“I wish I took the class sooner in my sales career.” — James Gallagher


“Sensational! I only wish this was available early in my sales career. My sales cycle would have collapsed and my income would be even higher.” — Chip Idol


“I realized I have more in common with the person I should call on VITO and less in common with the person I’ve always called on Seemore.” — Sal LoBianca


“Wow! I learned more from this seminar to help my career than any other sales class I have had.” — Chuck Burr


“Great course that has been recommended by sales colleagues who have already practiced VITO principals.” — Manuel Freitas


“These concepts have the potential to rejuvenate and excite my sales career after 20 years of calling mostly on Seemores!” — Bruce Meador


“This was the best sales training class that I have attended in my 13 year sales career. The class is focused for selling in our industry and the 90’s. I am enthused and ready to apply the principals. Thank you Tony!” — Rita Marie Lanson


“One of the top five life-changing seminars I have ever been to!” — Doug Collie


“This seminar was a wake-up call.” — Fred Vincent


“I have been in sales for 20 years. We’ve always been told to call at the top, but never shown how to do it. Tony’s seminar shows you exactly how!” — Ed Samek


“I’ve been through many sales training classes and most tell you what you should do. This was the first that showed how to succeed in what I need to do.” — Debbie Woods


“This is a course that everyone should implement.” — Kevin Garmly


“Eye opening, creative ways to get to the Approver of your sale.” — Jim Hoyt


“Everyone says call high, but this is the first time anyone has shown me how to do it.” — Carey Dolan


“Without a doubt, the most practical, tactical sales seminar I have attended during my career as a sales professional!” — Heather Valentine


“It’s nice to be trained by someone who has experienced what we do. Tony’s enthusiasm for what he believes is extraordinary.” — Bob Thomson


“It gave me a totally different outlook on the sales process, and the importance of driving the sale and selling to the top, as opposed to directing it from the bottom.” — Darren Milling


“I would recommend this seminar to anyone in sales!” — Mary Ann Worsman


“This has been the most exciting and informative presentation I’ve ever been exposed to.” — Patrick Choate


“Tactical advice – proven by experience.” — Linda Amoriggi


“It will give us power to increase our financial rewards!” — Michael O’Rourke


“I am fearless after hearing the truth about VITO. If I talk to God every night, I sure can talk to VITO now.” — Craig Bartholer


“I pray Tony never teaches my competition!” — John Sobczak


“It’s wonderful to have dynamic tools to use to sell to VITO when the rest of our competitors are still using the same old and tired ‘Sales 101’ tactics.” — Mikki Green


“The tools provided will improve my sales staff and make them more valuable to their customers. Our sales cycle will be shorter and our revenues greater!” — Christy Chomsky-Radtke


“Since Tony has the sales experience, his words are real to me and not the lip service from most speakers.” — Gina Gallegos


“The energy level of Anthony Parinello spilled over onto me and left the seminar extremely motivated and ON FIRE! I’m ready to Get to VITO!” — Dena Dasilva


“VITO Selling was one of the best seminars I have ever attended!” — Susan Massie


“Go Big or Go Home!!” — Mike Rudow