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I hope you decide to read this book for one of two reasons:

  • Because you are sick and tired of making cold calls, and you’ve decided that you’re not going to take it anymore, or
  • Because you love making cold calls, but you have a feeling, deep down inside, that they are not part of the task of learning how to sell more successfully in this economy.

Whether you’re a veteran salesperson, a newcomer to the game, or a sales manager/sales leader looking for new ideas for his or her team you want answers to these questions:

  • Do I really have to make cold calls?
  • How can I make my sales work more effective?
  • How can I attract more new customers without getting rejected oh, let’s say 150 times a day?
  • How can I hold on to and grow the customer base that I already have?
“I’ve met over 2.5 million salespeople eyeball-to-eyeball and they ask me similar questions. The good news is that you really can work more effectively, attract more new customers, and grow your customer base — without making cold calls.” — Tony Parinello

This book shows you how! It is yours, free. Download it now!

Anthony Parinello is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, internationally known sales trainer and Talk-show host. His books have sold over one-million copies and he has personally trained more than 2.5 million salespeople.

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