Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Tony Parinello has helped over 2.5 million salespeople from around the world achieve outstanding results. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining CLUB VITO.

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Q1: How can I be sure that the VITO Selling method I learn when I join CLUB VITO really works?

A1: Excellent question! First, we recommend taking time to review some of the client successes we have posted on our site before you join. You will likely see results listed that are in sync with what you are trying to accomplish as well. The VITO Selling method has been time-tested and used by 2.5 million salespeople. Second, you can join with zero risk because your membership is backed by our 110% money back guarantee.

Q2: Should I still consider joining if I’m currently reading Tony’s book, Selling to VITO?

A2: Outstanding, and thanks for getting a copy! You can attend our VITO Essentials webinar as an introduction to the VITO Selling process, which serves as a great primer for anyone who has not yet read Selling to VITO. If you have already read Tony’s book(s), or are in the process, and have begun to blend in the VITO Selling process to your sales strategy, then you are at the ideal point to join CLUB VITO. Your CLUB VITO membership will help you apply your VITO Selling knowledge in a very practical and tactical way as well as it teaches you Tony’s latest techniques and tactics for achieving optimal performance. CLUB VITO offers many examples for putting together all your VITO Correspondences, along with live weekly Q&A with Tony so you can get his personal advice on those questions that have most sales people stumped, and more.

Q3: What if I need to keep my company/client information very confidential?

A3: Sure, no problem. Confidentiality is important. We do not ask for client information.

Q4: What if…?

  • I don’t currently have clients?
  • We are a new company with no track record?
  • We have multiple products/services/solutions?
  • My products/services/solutions are unlike all others?
  • My situation is unique?

A4: We understand — and you are not alone. Many CLUB VITO members are in, or have experienced similar situations. CLUB VITO is an ideal solution for you because Tony will provide you with the advice and recommendations you need in order to get over these obstacles and on the path to optimal performance.

Q5: What is the difference between the 2 programs?

A5: VITO Essentials our 60-minute webinar that Tony delivers personally several times per month via GoToTraining.com. You only need to attend once, and the price is $49. VITO Essentials is a great place to start if you are new to VITO Selling. It’s also great if you have only read Selling to VITO but have not yet applied to the process. And some people attend because it has been a while since they read Selling to VITO and would like a refresher course. Our VITO Essentials webinar is an efficient way to begin your pursuit of selling to VITO.

CLUB VITO: our CLUB VITO membership helps people just like you put into action the VITO Selling methodology from start to finish. VITO Master, Tony Parinello will personally work with you and provide his advice as you complete your Value Inventory, VITO letter, Opening Statement, and Voice Mail Messages. Plus, you will have a live weekly Q&A session with Tony and other CLUB VITO members. CLUB VITO is packed with value.

Q6: If I join CLUB VITO, will Tony personally critique my VITO letter or Value Inventory? Or does someone else who works for VITO Selling help me?

A6: One of the most valuable membership benefits to CLUB VITO is that Tony will be the one person critiquing you letter and providing recommendations back to you.  And you will also have access to Beth Allen, our Dean of VITO University, to answer any immediate questions or concerns you might have during the process.

Q7: I read somewhere that my results are guaranteed if I follow all of the material Tony provides inside Club VITO. Is that true?

A7: Yes. If you do the work and embrace the process completely, we absolutely guarantee that the process works with our 100% money back guarantee.

Q8: What will be expected of me as a CLUB VITO member?  

A8: CLUB VITO’s core curriculum consists of specific E-lessons with Tony and workbooks/worksheets that will build your VITO Tool Box. Plus…

  1. You are invited to tune into the live broadcasts once a week and review all of the existing content within the CLUB VITO archives. The weekly sessions will help you wrap your mind and messaging around VITO Selling so that it becomes second nature to you and easy to implement as part of your sales strategy.
  2. You will be asked to complete the CLUB VITO assignments in the order they are given to you. This means thinking about your company/product/service/solution, possibly in a way you have never considered — from VITO’s viewpoint.
  3. Ask questions. Share your triumphs and tribulations. CLUB VITO members can learn a great deal from each other.

Q9: I know Tony does a weekly broadcast that CLUB VITO members can access and ask him live questions. Is this the same thing as the broadcasts I have been hearing about?

A9: Yes.  Our weekly Wednesday broadcast is a live radio show that Tony is delivered via the Web to your computer. The program also broadcasts simultaneously via telephone in case you don’t have access at that hour to your computer, so you can listen at home, your car, etc. Our broadcasts are only available to CLUB VITO members. The weekly CLUB VITO broadcasts are separate from the VITO Essentials webinar that Tony delivers once each month. If you are just beginning the VITO Selling process, attending our VITO Essentials Webinar is a great starting point.

Q10: What if I can’t make the live sessions?

A10: It’s okay.  We record them and make them available within your CLUB VITO archive as MP3 files. This way you can download them, re-listen to them, and internalize what was taught. All at your own pace and schedule.

Q11: How long does it take Tony to critique my Value Inventory and VITO Letter?

A11: We ask for 2 business days.

Q12: How does the one-on-one time with Tony work?

A12: If you have a question, you may ask him directly during one of the CLUB VITO Q&A sessions on Tuesday and/or Thursday.  This is a great opportunity to get Tony’s insights and experience regarding your particular situation. Additionally, you can also role play your Opening Statement and Voice Mail Messages with Tony to make them the best they can be.

Q13: Is it possible to review all of the CLUB VITO content and complete all assignments within one month?

A13: Yes, however we recommend at least three to six months for learning and gaining experience with the process. VITO Selling is a mindset shift, a new way of selling, and for some, the first time selling a new product/service/solution. Therefore, you’ll want to give yourself the time to really transform your new way of selling!

The majority of CLUB VITO members continues with their membership in order to take advantage of the ongoing support from Tony during the weekly broadcasts as well as all of the new content that we consistently add to the CLUB.

Q14: Is there someone I can call to ask questions during the week?

A14: Absolutely.  Beth Allen, our Dean of VITO University, is just a phone call or e-mail away at 512-986-8182 or Beth @ SellingtoVITO.com.

Q15: What if I am uncomfortable asking Tony my question or role playing during the Webinars?

A15: It’s okay, we’re here for you. We can ease you into it and help to build up that confidence.  After all you’re going to need it when speaking with VITO.  Your time will be one-on-one with Tony during our Q&A session.  Other members will be able to hear you but not able to interrupt you.

Q16: How does the billing work?

A16: We will set up automatic monthly billing of $75 for your CLUB VITO membership. Each month you’ll receive a receipt via e-mail. You have the option of cancelling anytime. You can fully manage your account online, or reach to Beth Allen, Dean of VITO University, if you have any questions and need to discontinue current billing.  Beth can be reached at Beth @ SellingtoVITO.com or 512-986-8182.