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Sales Strategies = Guaranteed Results!

“After twenty years of selling, I realize not applying these sales strategies has probably cost me four million dollars income!” Frank Hayes – New London, Connecticut

Apply my VITO Selling sales strategies and you will experience incredible guaranteed results, like:

  1. Larger initial sales by 54%
  2. Shorter sales cycles by as much as 50%
  3. Greater add-on business from existing customers up to 125%

Who is VITO? VITO is the “Very Important Top Officer”. The person who has the ultimate veto power over all decisions…including the decision to buy your stuff. They have ‘C’-suite titles that include CEO, President, and Owner and I can teach you how to get their attention and make the VITO sale.

PROVEN FACT: You will sell more … in less time by getting appointments with the C-suite and apply VITO Selling sales strategies. Guaranteed! I help salespeople and organizations do it every single day.

  • The United States Postal Service did just that when they closed $16 million of new business in 1 day (yes 1 day!) by selling to VITO.
  • AT&T increased new business by 14% by focusing on VITO!
  • ADP achieved 110% of their sales quota in just 90-days because they sold to VITO!

I have had the privilege of helping millions of salespeople just like Frank who deserve to enjoy the professional success that can come from a rewarding sales career. Frank wishes he would have had access to my sales strategies, tips, and techniques years ago. Don’t be like Frank! Instead, take advantage of my help by joining CLUB VITO NOW!

If you need more social proof…review all of our success stories about real and impactful differences in the sales careers of so many people. People just like you…people who needed a practical, tactical way to get to and sell the ultimate Decision Maker …people who were faced with seemingly impossible challenges…and people who needed to generate bigger and faster sales despite a ‘bad’ economy.

Join CLUB VITO and receive all of my proven sales strategies that will help you …

  • Put an end to getting appointments with prospect’s who can’t seem to make decisions but keep you busy with proposals, presentations, demos, analysis…and anything else they can dream up!
  • End the embarrassing situation of working on a sale for weeks, months, and perhaps years…and having your manager constantly asking ‘when is this going to close’? The unfortunate reality is…that it never does or perhaps worse when it does it’s a fraction of what you were ‘forecasting’.
  • Stop the torture of making ‘cold calls’ and getting rejected by gatekeepers who make a fraction of what you make even if you’re behind quota.
  • Get all the add-on business you’ve worked hard for and deserve from your existing customers (let’s hope you have some of those), but if you don’t, you WILL in less than 90-days…even if your typical sales cycle is longer.
  • Never, ever have to worry about being put on ‘probation’ and live in fear of losing your job for under performance! Hey, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. It’s not fun!

My Sales Strategies Are Trusted Around the World

I have had the honor of being entrusted by 2.5 million salespeople in 12 countries, by 65 of the Fortune 100, and the majority of the Fortune 1,000. I have helped them all sell more … in less time by applying my VITO Selling sales strategies. And their performance reached new heights. And you will receive the same strategies, advice, and tools within CLUB VITO. Join…and become our next success story.

Get Started Now!

Sales On Demand:  These clinics are fully guaranteed to deliver tactical, practical content that will increase the size of your commission checks, while you compress your sales cycle and become more effective in your sales work. During the trainings, I’ll teach you one or several of these topics depending on which topics you select:

  • How to take what you sell and make it immediately appealing to VITO
  • How to pick up that 3,000 pound tele and say something that will get a ‘Tell me more’ response from VITO
  • How to turn every Gatekeeper into an ally.
  • How to leave a voice mail message that will get a return call from VITO!
  • How to handle every possible initial objection and turn it into gold.
  • How to ask three critical first-call qualifying questions that will catapult your sale forward.
  • And more!

Join CLUB VITO: a fully online sales training program where I personally teach you, tailor my teaching to your product, service, and solution and then hold your hand (well, virtually anyway) while you put everything you learn in action! Besides, you’ll be able to work from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office…no crowded seminar rooms or travel required. And, what’s more, along the way you can ask me any questions you want! You’ll also have unlimited access to a complete set of informative, educational, and entertaining E-lessons that will cement into place all of my VITO Selling sales strategies that you need to remember in order to be effective in front of VITO. E-mail me your completed E-lesson assignments (oh, yes…there will be some homework you’ll need to do) and I will personally critique them and offer you sound and proven recommendations.

And every Wednesday, you’ll listen to me, as well as some very special guests like Head Coach Steve Dailey, in a LIVE private broadcast with only CLUB VITO members. The broadcasts will help you learn, experience, role play (with me) and be able to ask me the questions that totally stump less fortunate salespeople. Plus, each broadcast is archived so if you miss one, you will be able to play it back when it is convenient for you.

Plus, your results are backed by my personal 100% money back guarantee. Join CLUB VITO now.




It’s time to Act, Think, and Sell Large…Let’s Get Started!

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