Custom Solutions

This is NOT your typical offer…

However….these are typical results, from typical sales teams, who are selling typical products, services, and solutions.

I suspect that your team’s results may in fact be greater.

Using my tailored teachings and mentoring in just one day…a team of 40 salespeople at Microchip, Inc. made 328 new business calls…they had 113 conversations…and got 89 in-person appointments with VITO, the Very Important Top Officer…the person with the ultimate veto power, the person with titles like President, CEO, Owner and other privileged ‘C’ Suite Executives!

With Tony’s help we skyrocketed from 62% to 110% of YTD quota in less than 90 days. We have over $1,000,000 new biz in the pipeline and a $240K deal pending. So far our ROI is over 6,000%!” — Tony Rubico, vice president, ADP

I just sold a $200,000.00 deal using just one of Tony’s ideas!” — Tim Rosenberg, salesperson, Sterling / AT&T

Dear Sales Leader,

The majority of the Fortune 1,000 and over 2.5 million salespeople in 12 countries share in one or more of the following measurable results:

  • Increasing entry point orders by up to 54%
  • Cutting their sales cycles in half
  • Increasing add-on business to 120%

…all by using my proven, repeatable, process called VITO Selling which adds up to an annuity that continues to build healthier margins and greater shareholder value for you and every one of your shareholders and stakeholders.

I am the nation’s leading expert on getting appointments with the ‘C’-suite including the CEO and I have over three decades of sales experience and 8 bestselling books on the subject!

I’ll tailor, teach, and mentor your entire team to get to the top and make the sale and in the process exceed the quota expectations you’ve set for them!!!

You owe it to yourself, your team, and your sanity to take action on this unbeatable offer.

Here’s how I do it.

Two easy & proven steps:

Step #1:

I will personally tailor my material to your products, services, and solutions, markets / niches the current economy and your sales process.

Then, I’ll personally teach your salespeople in a few easy to follow LIVE, interactive lessons while your team sits comfortably in their office or home office.

Each lesson will be reinforced by e-lessons and several homework assignments that I will personally critique.

Step #2:

I will coach, mentor, and hold each of your team member’s hands (well virtually anyway) while they USE what I’ve TAUGHT them until you get measurable results!!!

CAUTION: My VITO Selling program will change the way you and your entire sales team looks at ‘prospecting for new biz’ and / or getting add-on biz from existing clients.

And I guarantee YOUR TEAM’S results! If your team follows what I’ve created for them (BTW, it’s doable, ethical, and legal) and they don’t exceed their quota in 90-days, I’ll give you a full refund*.

*fine print; your team must take action and actually USE what they LEARN.

Here’s what it will cost you:

We both know that everyone has a different relationship with money these days so, what I’ve decided to do is make you an offer you just can’t refuse…sort of a ‘professional bribe’.

I typically charge $850 per person for my course and an additional $6,500 each day of my coaching and mentoring.

However, we both know that typical is not what gets deals done…

Here’s the not-so-typical deal:

Sign your team up right now and it will cost you $7,999.


That includes the tailoring, training, and mentoring.

Contact Beth Allen, our Dean of VITO University, to get started NOW!

We will coordinate a day and time for us to get the VITO train moving!

Have a masterful rest of the day!