Club VITO Sales Training

Do You (or anyone you know) Have These Sales Woes?

  • Wasting precious selling time with ‘non-decision’ makers who can’t buy ‘jack’
  • Getting any rejection whatsoever from gatekeepers that make less money than you
  • Working your ‘keester’ off for itsy, bitsy sales
  • Losing sales that were in the ‘bag’
  • Using science fiction as a sales forecasting methodology
  • Not making sales quota and being put on probationouch!

In as Little as 30 Days You Will:

  1. Get more appointments with people who are empowered to BUY!”
  2. Start making sales that are up to 65% bigger!
  3. Cut your sales cycle in half!
  4. Never be rejected again…by anyone!
  5. Start making the income and commission that you really deserve!

Heres how Youll work Directly with Tony Parinello!

Tony Parinello is the Nation’s Leading Expert in Getting Appointments with Top Decision Makers. He has personally trained over 2.5 million salespeople and when you JOIN CLUB VITO he will personally tailor his material, teach, and mentor you ONE ON ONE and hold you accountable until you get the results you want and deserve!

  1. You’ll be give specific exercises to do and Tony will personally critique them!
  2. You will work directly with Tony to create your entire approach to VITO including:
    • Initial appointment setting Correspondence
    • Telephone Opening Statements (Your VITO Elevator Pitch)
    • Precise Voice Mail Messaging (Fully tailored to you and what you sell)
    • How to handle any and all objections from VITO and VITO’s Personal Assistant
    • Personal Assistant/Gatekeeper tactics
    • And much, much more! The A to Z of selling to the ‘C’ Suite
  1. Complete and unlimited access to ALL e-lessons and Audio Archives
  2. LIVE, ONE ON ONE, Question And Answer with Tony every Tuesday and Thursday
  3. LIVE, weekly training from Tony every Wednesday

There is no other Nationally known, best-selling author who will work with you ONE ON ONE and MENTOR you until you get ALL the ‘C’ Suite Appointments you need to CRUSH YOUR QUOTA!

join-club-vito with any questions you may have about the program!