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Selling to VITO – 3rd Edition Audio Album

In this exciting new audio program Tony shares all of his secrets of Selling to VITO based upon over three decades of sales experience and having over 2.5 million salespeople bullet-proof his one of a kind sales tactics for getting more Conversations, Callbacks and Appointments with the ‘C’ Suite…including the CEO!
You’ll Learn:
* what you have in common with VITO and how to use it to your advantage
* how to grab VITO’s attention on the phone, voicemail, or in-person
* how to conduct your entire first conversation with VITO
* how to create an ally with VITO’s Personal Assistant
* how to handle all objections that you may encounter
* how to accomplish your first-call objectives with VITO
* how to avoid any potentially dangerous ‘premature’ shunts
* how to keep VITO personally involved in your entire sales cycle
* much, much more…
DETAILS: You will receive 6 hours of downloadable audio.   An email will be sent to your inbox.  Click on the link and download the three parts to your computer. The audio may be added to your smartphone or an mp3 player by exporting the files to your device.
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eBooks Written By Anthony Parinello

Think and Sell like a CEO VITO   eBook

Secrets of VITO—the very important top officer— reveals how top-selling CEOs sell their prospects, customers, partners, employees, stockholders, and themselves. It teaches you the strategies and tactics of selling business to business, top officer to top officer, using the language and expertise that command respect from the customer. You learn how to mimic CEOs’ strategies to increase loyalty from existing customers, handle objections, diagnose prospects, and think strategically. The book details the 10 commandments of CEOs who sell and shares success stories from successful CEOs. It provides you with the insight you need to act like the person at the top and join the most elite force of salespeople in the world.  

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Selling to VITO – 3rd Edition   eBook

There has never been a sales book that gives you one-0n-one, personal help to catapult your sales career and your personal income to a level that will surprise you and shock your sales manager!

You’ll stop….wasting your precious selling time with ‘non-decision’ makers, getting any rejection whatsoever from gatekeepers, working your keester off for itsy, bitsy sales, losing sales that you thought you were going to win, and not making your sales quota.

You’ll start…making sales that are up to 65 percent bigger, cutting your sales cycle in half, getting as much as 120 percent more add-on business from your existing customers, getting VITO to VITO referrals worth pure gold, and making the income that you really deserve.  

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Getting to VITO   eBook

This eBook covers a 10-step plan for getting to the Very Important Top Officer’s top of mind, top of wallet, and top of their “to-do” list.  Based on Tony Parinello’s extensive sales experience-as well as the experiences of the more than one million salespeople who’ve studied his VITO process-Getting to VITO shows salespeople how to:
* Find and pre-qualify the real VITO
* Establish real value in VITO’s eyes
* Cut to the chase with seven different correspondence modalities
* Disarm every first-call objection a salesperson may encounter
* Deliver the show-stopper “elevator” pitch for every industry
* One-on-one coaching from Parinello’s own professional coach!

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Stop Cold Calling Forever   eBook

It’s time to hang up on cold calling.  There are proven tools and techniques that make such telephone torture unnecessary, teaching sales professionals how to master a powerful four-step process he calls “Identify, Contact, Present, Sell” to reel in new clients.

Tony Parinello’s approaches will work for anyone who loves to sell but hates the grind of “smiling and dialing.” Instead, he explains how to:

  • Identify and contact the very ripest prospects in far less time than via cold calling
  • Rake in much more business from current customers without ever “pestering”
  • Catapult up the sales chart with presentation and closing skills used by sales superstars
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Getting the Second Appointment   eBook

In this book, Anthony Parinello—sales guru and trainer to over one million salespeople—presents tried-and-true techniques for getting invited back for a second interaction with potential prospects and customers. This three-part book uses the sort of practical feet-in-the-street style that Parinello’s followers love to teach salespeople the down-to-earth how-to’s of getting the second appointment and performing Parinello’s proven “two-call close.”
Investment $8.95
eBook version COMING SOON!!

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